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This diagnosis is adapted from the report "Gearing up for Successful Digital Transformation", produced by the Council on Advanced Practices (APC).LEARN MORE HERE.

Answer the questionnaire above and receive your diagnosis

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Leading companies have an effective structure and governance to implement digital transformation.

Source: McKinsey&Company

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Apply Digital Transformation to
6 dimensions of your business:


Your company must adopt a culture of Digital Transformation, so that all sectors and employees are engaged in this process. Inserting new technologies, thinking about innovative solutions and taking the initiative for this transformation should not be the responsibility of a specific sector.

You can start or enhance your digital transformation journey in a few ways:

Create a digital transformation plan that shows how to go from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

Analyze the market: understand what your competitors are doing and what are the trends for your niche;

Examine the organization's existing resources: what human and technological skills do you have and what others are needed?;

Measure performance: determine metrics that can show whether the transformation process is happening in a healthy and positive way.

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A survey by McKinsey&Company points out that the more companies stand out in digital maturity, the harder it is for competitors to catch up.

This means that the sooner you start the company's Digital Transformation, the more success, prominence and market value you will have!

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How to implement digital transformation in the main sectors of my company?

Digital transformation is the application of digital tools to improve efficiency and customer value, manage risk and explore new revenue opportunities.


Innovation: how to create a safe environment to innovate.

Innovation is a fundamental factor for the development of any company or organization. Changing your operating methodology, your processes and opting for current and modern requirements is necessary to keep competing in the market.

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