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what will i learn
in this EBOOK?

What is open innovation

What types of open innovation

Open Innovation is the biggest trend 
for management in the 21st century. in the scenario
contemporary market, business and
companies went through several 
transformations. Learn all about her.

The transformations provided by 
Open Innovation touches all sectors 
of a company. From production to purchase  of the product or service, no step is not positively changed. Find out what the types are.





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Why your business needs open innovation

Opening and releasing companies' productivity and creation flows is a safe and efficient way of accelerating innovation processes. Check out the strengths of Open Innovation.

How to implement open innovation

Open innovation represents um 
very important moment for 
the companies. After all, its adoption 
signals a concern on the part 
of the management regarding the changes 
consumption and user experience e 
purchase your products or services. Learn how to implement. 

How an open innovation strategy can help companies in the e-commerce context

It is nothing new that the market has 
if modified with a certain periodicity 
in the last years. After development 
of the internet and its tools, all 
processes are now shared e 
connected quickly and efficiently. Find out how it can help you.

Learn about the main changes that the Open Innovation process provides 
the companies.

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