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Advantages of designing software with collaborative development

Collaborative software development adds several advantages to projects and to the professionals who develop them. Know the advantages.

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software process

The software process is a collection of methods used in the collaborative practice of software development. We will explain each process.

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Collaborative development and Open Source

Open Source is a term in English, which is used to refer to open source. This means that a software has the source code free to use, Learn more.

What is collaborative software development?

The collaborative software development technique seeks to bring together professionals specialized in code programming and professionals specialized in business. Know more.

Remote work in software development

For this work methodology to work effectively, tools and applications have become even more fundamental in creating a collaborative team. Find out what these tools are.

How to apply collaborative development

Get to know some tips on how to apply collaborative software development in your company.

Access the ebook and learn more about Collaborative Software Development.


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