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Your New Economy podcast

episode 21

Is there a relationship between Product Culture and People Management?
Our chat on the 21st episode of Evoluumcast was with André Krummenauer, Co-founder and CEO of Involves. As he himself commented, Involves is well known in the market for the know-how it has in Culture and People Cestão, but what few people know is that this comes from Product Culture.

For those who are curious to learn more about Product Culture, Innovation, Technology and the New Economy, we recommend watching the full episode!

episode 20

Having an innovative business is not enough to guarantee success. There are other important factors.

It is essential to have an agile, experienced team that knows how to solve problems as quickly as possible! On the 20th episode of Evoluumcast, we welcome Pamela Welter. She is the founder of the Women WOW Podcast and Commercial Manager of Impact Hub Floripa.

We talked a lot about communities, events, successful businesses and the importance of being part of an ecosystem.

episode 19

Having a successful career with a positive projection is what everyone wants. But attention is needed in some aspects!
Our guest on the 19th episode of Evoluumcast is Adriana Loch, entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator at Empretec. With extensive experience in the area, it trains people in relation to their professional and career development.

So if you want to know more about boosting your entrepreneurial mind and your career, you can't miss this conversation. Watch the full episode!!

episode 18

Is it enough to want to undertake to be a good entrepreneur? Watch the full episode to understand what it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship!

In this episode we received João Selarim, Partner of Empreende Brazil Lecturer, Partner of Questum, investor and a born entrepreneur! We talked about the mindset needed to be a good entrepreneur, about startups and of course, innovation and technology.

episode 17

One of the pillars of the New Economy is innovation and for traditional companies to reach a high level of technological and innovative maturity, it is necessary to undergo a transformation. And to talk about it, it couldn't be anyone else. On our 17th episode of Evoluumcast we had the great satisfaction of welcoming Pompeo Scola, Consultant in Innovation and Digital Transformation. Pompeo had a great participation in the development of Santa Catarina's innovation and technology ecosystem, and brought incredible content to our meeting!

episode 16

There is a huge process of digital transformation in traditional companies that need to adapt to the New Economy to keep up with market changes.
On the 16th episode of our videocast, we invite Guilherme Tossulino to a super cool chat about innovation processes, New Economy and companies' adaptation to technology.

episode 15

Did you know that a company's intellectual properties go WAY beyond software and brands?
So it is. If you think that's it, you better watch the full episode!
On the 15th episode of Evoluumcast, we invite Alison Autino, an Intellectual Property specialist to talk about the subject.
Your company probably has many assets that need to be protected and recorded.

episode 14

On the 14th episode of Evoluumcast we received Rafael Koerich, Innovation Manager at Lojas Koerich and COO at Koerich Lab.
Those who live in Santa Catarina know the expressiveness that the Koerich brand has and can imagine that a traditional, family-owned company that is constantly growing faces great challenges. And it was this knowledge that Rafael brought to this episode.

episode 13

How many times did you try before it worked?
The thirteenth of Evoluumcast has as a guest Giusep Lanzone, CEO of Gstão, who brings a great example that trial and error is the right way to find success.
In this episode, the chat was about Digital Marketing, Sales, Traffic and how all of this is necessary within the New Economy.

episode 12

In the twelfth episode of Evoluumcast, our CEO, Samuel Silveira received a very special guest: Thiago Schutz. He is an angel investor, mentor and innovation advisor.
So the conversation yielded very rich content about startups, entrepreneurship and innovation. Definitely not to be missed!

episode 11

With a lot of experience in the innovation and business market, our guest Silvia Marafon, CEO of Cianet, gave us a real lesson on people development and innovative business management.

This is the eleventh episode of the first season on Evoluumcast and you can't miss it!

episode 10

We've reached the tenth episode of our first season and today's subject (already warning you from now) may generate controversy: let's talk about MVP (Minimum Viable Product). People know what MVP is, but they don't always apply it correctly. And to explain the process of building a minimum viable product, we invited Thiago Ligeiro, Head of Products and Italo Amorim, Head of Growth and Innovation, both from Evoluum.

Episode 09

Are you already part of the innovation and technology bubble?

In the ninth episode of the first season of our Evoluumcast, we invited Samuel Silveira (CEO of Evoluum) and Italo Amorim (Head of Product) to talk about some knowledge of this bubble of experiences with Digital Products in the New Economy.

Episode 08

Surely you've seen us talking about innovation, technology, technology development... But this all seems very technical, doesn't it? In the eighth episode of our videocast, the chat is about market demands, focused on performance skills and soft skills, self-leadership and self-management.

Today's guest is Vanessa Milis, specialist and activator of High Performance.

Episode 07

Creativity, innovation and technology!

These are the topics we will address in this videocast, which is the fifth episode of this first season.

And, to talk about it, we have a special guest: Ângelo Borges, CEO of Meteora Brands and responsible for the new brand recently launched by Evoluum.

Therefore, if you want insights to develop your creative, entrepreneurial and innovative side, just press play and watch this chat until the end. 

Episode 05

Time Mlabs and Evoluum united to talk about New Economy! We co-create technologies to simplify complex challenges! That's our mission... That's why, in the first season of our videocast, we decided to talk about the new economy in a simple, light, fun way and with very special guests.

So much so that, in today's episode, Samuel Silveira, CEO of Evoluum, welcomes Marco Araújo, GPM of Evoluum, and Neider Narde, Head of Product at Mlabs to exchange an idea on this topic - and, of course, we talk a little bit about our stories ! If I were you, I wouldn't miss this episode. He looks amazing!

Episode 06

Trust! This is a mission for many companies within the digital world: to guarantee and gain the trust of their user/client.

Therefore, the need to have an SRE within the software product development squads is growing more and more! But wait a minute... do you know what SRE is?

SRE is the acronym for Site Reliability Engineer, that is, we can say that it is the Reliability Engineer.

Therefore, despite being part of the development team, he is not responsible for developing anything. Its sole function is to guarantee the growth and security of what is being developed.

Episode 04

What is the role of product culture for companies migrating to the New Economy? This is the question our team will answer in this special episode about Product Culture in the New Economy.

Episode 03

New economy, management and leadership! These are the pillars that guide the first season of Evoluumcast and, of course, we are going to talk about all this about technology, innovation and people. So, to talk about all this, today we received two special guests for Evoluum and for the ecosystem as a whole: Anderson Miranda, Product Owner at UGF, and Fabian Silva, Product Manager at UGF (Unimed Grande Florianópolis).

Episode 02

Do you know what RH 4.0 is?? If you Google it right now, you'll know that we're talking about the digitization and automation of the human resources industry.

But if you take a few minutes out of your day to watch this videocast, you'll know that we're talking about much more than that: we're also talking about people, processes and prioritizing the company's culture, the well-being of its collaborators.

Press play and prepare your mind for the insights you'll have by the end of this video.

Episode 01

New Economy! Have you ever heard of this term??

Maybe yes maybe no. Maybe, even though you've heard about it, you don't know for sure what it is! But, regardless of the answer, the fact is: today you will know what the New Economy is and how to make it a reality within your business and your life.

That, of course, if you watch our videocast until the end... Want to know more about it? Press play and understand how to bring innovation, purpose and exponential growth to your business.

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